Public Health Advice


5th October 2020. Updated guidance for all workplaces involved in the manufacturing, processing, warehousing, picking, packaging, retailing and service of food.

This also includes important information about the risk of community dissemination of coronavirus (COVID-19) from circumstances or activities related to the workplace such as transportation and accommodation arrangements.

This guidance is of general nature and is intended to be compatible with the relevant health and safety legislation, please note that if there appears to be a conflict between this guidance and the relevant health and safety legislation, the latter shall prevail. 

Public Health Include Information Sheet J: Screens and Face Coverings. Version 2.0 up to date as of 1st October 2020. 

Public Health England Information Sheet A: What is an Outbreak?

Public Health England Information Sheet D: The role of testing for COVID-19 – what types of tests are carried out, how do they work and what to do next.

Public Health England Information Sheet B: About Contact Tracing – what is contact tracing and how does it work?